Feeling stuck?  This program is designed to help identify the weak spots in your business and then create a plan to get you back on track and quickly creating the results and achieving the success that you desire!  

This program is right for you if you are not getting the results you want to see in your business, you are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed and/or your marketing efforts seem to be ineffective or inconsistent.

F.A.S.T. Results System

Focus- Get clear on exactly where you want to go and what you want to achieve in your business as well as determine and solidify your place within your particular industry.

Assess- We will then determine which areas of  your business need attention and what can be done to get the quickest results.

Set Priorities- It's now time to prioritize and set goals.

Take Action- Now comes the fun part...it's time to come up with a solid action plan and begin taking the steps necessary to take your business to the next level!

In this program you will receive...


Free 30 Minute Consultation

Before we commit to working with each other, it is very important that we make sure we are a good fit.  You need to feel comfortable and confident in my consulting style and I need to make sure that I feel as though I can truly help your business succeed.


$99 Personalize Marketing Plan (Included)

Before this program can be started, I require that all new clients start with my personalized marketing plan package so that I can have a clear view of where you are now and where you want to go.  


CLICK HERE to learn more.


55 Minute One-on-One Consultation- Focus

In the first of six one-on-one consultations, we will get clear on exactly where you want to go and what you want to achieve in your business as well as determine and solidify your place within your particular industry.


55 Minute One-on-One Consultation- Assess

In our second consultation, we will determine which areas of  your business need attention and what can be done to get the quickest results.


55 Minute Consultation - Set Priorities

In our third one-on-one consultation we will set priorities and make a plan to begin putting all the pieces in place to getting your business on a strong solid foundation that is ready to thrive and grow.


55 Minute Consultation - Take Action

Now that all the pieces are in place, we know where you want to go and we have a solid plan to get you there, I will help you to create action steps in every area of your business.  


Two- 55 Minute Consultations

Now that things are really rolling, we will get together two more times so that I can support you in taking the actions that we set in place in our first four consultations.  


6 Week VIP Email or Text Access

During this six week program, if there are times when you need a little help, guidance or clarity...you will be given VIP access to email or text me with your questions. 

*Up to 3 emails or texts per week.  Texts and emails will be answered withing 24 hours (Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm)

Your investment in this program is...

Six 55 Minute Consultations ($900 Value)

VIP Email Access ($250 Value)

$1150 Value for Only $600

Payment plans available, please email gina@ginaludwigconsulting for more info.


Once you have paid for the program, please visit our ONLINE BOOKING page to schedule your first session.

Just getting started...

FAQs about this program...

How long does this program take?

This is an accelerated program and was created to be completed in six weeks, with one consultation per week however, I understand that everyone is different and while it is strongly suggested, it is not required that it be completed within that time frame


Why do you require a personalized business plan first?

While I am confident that you will see results fast with this program, there is no "quick fix" in business.  There are many areas and aspects of business that need to be in place and running smoothly in order to see consistent results and to successfully run and grow a business.  I like to take a "big picture" approach to my consulting and the only way for me to do this is to have a clear and complete picture of where you are at and where you want to go in your business.  I also think that is it very important that we both feel as though we are a good fit to work together before making a commitment.  My initial business & marketing plan program helps me to do both of these things.

What if I don't need help in a particular area?

As mentioned before, the program is broken down into four steps; Focus, Assess, Set Priorities and Take Action. If it so happens that it takes us less than one session to get through one of these areas, we will simply move on to the next step.  If we get through the steps sooner this just gives us more time to start taking action towards your goals. 


What if I don't see results?

I am absolutely confident that you will see results using this program however, this isn't a "magic bullet" and it will take focus and work to achieve your goals.  If after 3 months of completing this program and if you have done the work and taken the steps we outlined in the program, you are not seeing results...I will be happy to give you a full refund.

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