What is DIY Business Support?

If you are a small service business owner who doesn't have the money to pay someone to do their marketing or social media advertising or any aspect of their business but also doesn't have the time to learn everything there is to know about every aspect of business...I am here to help!

The learning curve is a bitch but I can teach you the basics of what you need to know to be successful in almost every area of business. Review just some of my specialties below...

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media can be a very effective format but it can also be incredibly overwhelming. I can help you to work through each step of setting up advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinterest including creating a social media marketing campaign that takes into consideration your goals and your budget. I can also help you to craft a marketing message and create videos or graphics to best advertise your services. Once we have a campaign up and running, I can show you how to test and monitor your progress and provide continued support if necessary.

Google Adwords

I have created a step-by-step system to help you work through the basics of creating an Adwords campaign no matter what your level of experience is. Together we can create an Adwords Campaign strategy for your business including: determining what services to advertise, choosing the right keywords and demographics, crafting your marketing message, creating graphics for banner ads, creating an effective remarketing campaign and showing you how to test and monitor your campaign. I can also provide continued support while you are testing and perfecting your Adwords campaign.

Using a step-by-step system, I can teach you how to create an effective Content Marketing Campaign including choosing the right format, creating your content, crafting a marketing message and how and where to get your content and message to the right target market. I can also provide continued support if needed while you test and perfect your Content Marketing Campaign.

Content Marketing Campaign

Social Media

I will meet you wherever you are at with your social media to create a social media strategy that is right for you, your business and takes into consideration your available resources. This can include, helping you set up business profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn, deciding the best content and strategies to use, setting up a social media calendar, getting you set up with scheduling software to conveniently schedule your posts. I can also educate you on ways to organically market your business on social media.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing and Auto Responders are a great way to keep up with interested and current clients to stay in touch without having to constantly reinvent the wheel. I can help you to choose the right program to set up an Email and/or AutoResponder Marketing Campaign including choosing the right program

Business Systems

Systems are vital to keeping your business running smoothly. I will help you walk through step-by-step each area of your business to set up systems that will save you time and money. I can also help you create policies for each area of your business if necessary.

Additional Help

Creating a Marketing Plan

Hiring, Training & Managing Staff

Business Start Ups

Developing Your Brand

Affiliate Programs

Creative Problem Solving


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