"Gina brings a practical, down to earth, no bullshit approach to her business coaching. She has a wealth of knowledge, from high level business strategy, to the down and dirty day to day practices. She is a great listener and truly wants to help your business succeed, keeping it authentic to you, but adding in her expertise to help it thrive and avoid pitfalls. She gives guidance in an empowering way without telling you what to do - she was able to help me through some difficult challenges, giving me the tools to make the right decisions for my business. I now consider Gina a personal friend that I can count on to have my back as I continue growing my business."

Victoria Nino, Vanity Belle

"Gina is an absolute savant at what she does. I'm a new business owner and consultant myself and I appreciate her unfiltered, get down to brass tacks approach that many like-minded entrepreneurs would like to know. If you're looking to build your business, I would highly recommend contacting Gina and checking out her weekly workshops!"

AJ Mara, Creatist Consulting

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Gina! The support and first hand account that she shared with me on how to set the business up, programs to use, what to look out for, best marketing practices, and how to manage a team, were worth gold to me. I continue to reflect on teachings that she shared with me, that have made more sense over time. She is very organized, strong willed, and direct. I cannot give her enough praise for her support, during the time I needed it most!"

Brandi McMillan, Soiree Beauty

"Gina Ludwig knows her stuff. I was so inspired, I followed one small suggestion, (and she had many) and already booked 3 new weddings from taking direction from her. I have always wanted a mentor that wasn't threatened by competition, and I have to say Gina is more than generous to share what she knows. I would recommend her to anyone starting out or even already established wanting to expand!"

Sarah Hyde, SHE Artists

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